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Adult learners

Adult learners normally arrive with some experience of English and may be returning to study after years away from the subject.   The standard courses on offer start with the Elementary and go all the way up through five levels to the Proficiency level (A2 – C2 CEFR).   We normally begin with an informal 60 minute session where we discuss your needs and identify your goals.  If you have completed a course of study or taken an approved exam in English in the last two years we may go straight ahead and decide your course at that point, otherwise I may ask you to take the online placement test and use the results to determine the best options for you.

A wide variety of courses available for individual students


The standard courses are based on the most up to date published texts from the Oxford University Press and the Cambridge University Press.

OUP titles include:

  • New Headway
  • International English
  • English Result
  • Business Result

CUP titles include:

  • face2face
  • English Unlimited
  • Business Advantage

The OUP and CUP also offer:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • And a variety of other professional subjects...

Our first task is to discuss your expectations and once I have an informed idea of these and we have determined your current level of ability, I will be able to recommend a shortlist of possible texts for your final choice.  If your course text is not on this list I am happy to consider your preferred materials as the basis of our time together.


The custom package is for you if you have something more unconventional in mind, I can put together an individual lesson plan according to your specific requirements.  For example, I can show you how to prepare your resume and a cover letter for that crucial job application; coach you on interview technique; help you prepare for an exam, or; simply prepare you for that moment of your vacation when you step off the plane and your English becomes live.  You only have to set the goals and I will help you achieve them.

Please contact me for more details.

Corporate English Tuition

Does your company call for domestic and international communications in English?  I offer a range of services for the business environment.  Everything from instruction in writing internal and external emails to phone techniques and presentation skills to report writing, and copy writing and editing for marketing and promotional materials.  Sessions can be tailored from existing materials or devised according to the specific needs of your business.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

The Oxford Online Placement Test

The Oxford Online Placement Test is a quick diagnostic tool for assessing the student's existing language skills before starting an extended course of study.  There is no pass or fail to this test, it is in two parts, the first being Use of English and the second, Listening and these give a reliable indicator of the candidate’s present ability.  The test can be taken online at any time and from this information and our chat in the initial interview, I am able to determine the level and the possible course materials required.  The results of the test are presented in a report that gives you an overall score of present ability and a more in-depth analysis of your results.

Meeting places

I am flexible with the choice of meeting place for our sessions though meetings are preferred in quiet places because these will provide you with the best listening environment.  I can travel to locations of your choosing but this is subject to availability and the teaching hours I have available.  If the distance is outside the municipality of Beroun, there may be additional travel expenses to be determined before the study starts.  Alternatively, if you have a good broadband connection and travel is a problem, I also deliver lessons using the internet over a number of multimedia and VOIP platforms.