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Price list of English lessons

In the first consultation we discuss your study options, this is free of charge.

I provide lessons on pre-agreed dates, but I recommend at least one lesson per week. After we have agreed on the materials from which we will learn, you will need to acquire these books. I will do the same. After consultation, we will draw up a tuition contract and you should pay for your course in advance in cash or by bank transfer.

The standard courses are for 36 weeks.

English lessons - standard rate

A typical general English course is set up to work with face2face, New Headway, Objective or similar materials and depends on the student's entry level of language skills and may also include level overlaps. After years of practice, we have made sure that the two basic course models suit most students.

Longer lessons include a deeper focus on speaking and conversational skills that comes with a B1 level and suits older students who don't practice much English outside of school classes. We set the typical course to 36 lessons during the school year.

The basic teaching contract covers the school year from September to June, but of course teaching during the holidays can also be arranged. Students who begin their course later in the school year can book 36 teaching weeks and any credit they have left will be credited to the next school year. At the beginning of every new school year, the contracts are issued, and the continuing students also sign new contracts. We process new ones every year so that all students (new and continuing) have uniform conditions and to offer everyone the best for their money.

Oxford Online Placement Test

We recommend this to anyone who returns to study English after a long time or is simply curious!

English lessons for groups and for individuals booking more than one lesson per week

55-minute and 45-minute lessons can be provided at a discounted rate. Please let us know the kind of lessons you are looking for, and whether the lessons would be for an individual or a group and we will provide you with a quote tailored to your request.

Non-standard English courses

Short courses for individual students

Shorter courses can cover any requirement from basic conversation to more advanced assignments. We may or may not work with study materials.

Courses for commercial clients and corporate training

Tuition prices are dependent on a number of factors as required by each individual company and often require a different kind of contract from the standard one.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Other costs

Before you decide on a new course, consider the total cost of tuition such as books, but above all the time you devote to your course. A complete language course can take 18 months from start to finish. Students regularly stay with us for several years, progressing through the levels, and constantly deepen their English.

Proofreading, translation and editing of texts

In addition to teaching English, I offer these services for private and corporate clients. Mechanical corrections include small grammatical adjustments and basic idiomatic changes to the text into ordinary English. If the text has been previously translated from Czech, it may require editing of the text, where the semantic structure requires revision and rewriting. All changes are subject to your approval. If you are interested in proofreading or editing, please send me a preview along with a description of your project so that I can assess the rate and type of work required and estimate the total cost and delivery date.