Native Speaker

Young learners

Maturita students

Levels: A2 - B1 and beyond

Individual tuition for students taking the English foreign language part of the Maturita exam is presented in correspondence with the school's course structure using materials that replicate or provide a close match with the syllabus.  This reduces the burden on young minds and supports the school's teaching by consolidating the principles already covered in schoolwork with carefully themed extra-curricular exercises and studies.

From 2016, the Czech Ministry of Education has approved the exemption from the optional English Language Maturita exam for students taking a recognised qualification at B1 or above.  The full range of courses that may be taken in place of the Maturita exam are listed on the Ministry of Education website.  I now offer complete courses of English including exam preparation and a focused learning environment in which the student can proceed at an accelerated pace.  This is especially beneficial for students who are currently under-performing in their school classes and are either being held back by the lower level students in their group, or struggling because key concepts have been misunderstood and have gone undetected by their teachers.  The one-to-one tuition I offer gives the student the best chance of passing their exam with complete confidence.

The individual tuition on offer also reflects the student's experience in school with clearly structured instruction covering the three foreign language subtests of the Maturita exam:

A young person can begin the individual studies of English at any stage of his or her school career but to fully benefit from the experience of individual tuition he or she should already have a basic knowledge of beginner's English.  This is the only requirement and necessary for the student to get the most from the lessons delivered in English by a native speaker.

Standard course texts from the Oxford University Press include Solutions, Project and Insight.  Cambridge University Press publications include, Messages, English in Mind and Interactive.  The choice of course text will have been made by the school.  We may use the same texts but include the extra study materials that accompany the series or choose a separate but complimentary course for a more rounded learning experience.

Remedial studies

Alternatively, shorter custom made courses can be compiled for students experiencing difficulties in their schoolwork.  This can help a student towards their exams or simply support the weaker students in the course of their English studies.  Students might participate in these aside from an extensive course taking them as and when needed.  Nobody can say where a student's studies will take them at such an early stage in their lives but the one-to-one experience based in a stimulating and clear style of presentation means the student gets the best possible preparation for the future.

Focused learning

By closely monitoring the progress and aptitude of the students, parents and students can make informed choices when it comes to navigating the study syllabus for optimum results and focused learning.  In the case of young students taking a non-curricular route, it can bring clarity to a difficult subject and inspire confidence in areas they find challenging.